Plataforma de trading online IQ Option

There is an opinion in society that big money can be earned only illegally. This is not so, and there are many examples to prove this. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg - this list goes on. Of course, they had to face risks and problems, make difficult decisions, but this path was successful.

The conclusion is obvious, an active person with the ability to think analytically can achieve success thanks to his mind. Moreover, the modern world and advanced technologies make it possible to earn money anywhere and anytime. A good example is binary options trading, the Forex and CFD markets. Here, every successful decision can make a good profit. The first step on the path to success is the selection of the best trading platform (mejor plataforma trading), which offers customers the best conditions. We can say that the IQ Option will be the best choice for a beginner and professional Ecuadorian trader.

 Seven years of impeccable work - the history of IQ Option

Forex trading has been used as a financial instrument for a long time. But only in recent years has it become available to the average user thanks to trading platforms. For example, IQ Option was registered in 2013. Then the company received an international license on the island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. These seven years are the best recommendation for the platform because a small service has turned into a huge platform. Today, more than 40 million traders, including Ecuadorian users, have already concluded their first deal on the site. These indicators allow us to say that IQ Option is one of the leaders in the segment.

Plataforma de trading online IQ Option
Plataforma de trading online IQ Option

 Reasons to Choose IQ Option

It is worth saying that the platform’s clients are not only novice users, but also experienced traders who refused the services of other companies and preferred the trading platform (plataforma para hacer trading) IQ Option. The reason is that the company offers the best conditions and has a wide list of important advantages.


IQ Option has official registration and the necessary international licenses to legally operate. This means that the trader acts under local laws, and his profit is legal and will not cause suspicion from the tax authorities.

 Scam protection

Customer safety is one of the top priorities of the IQ Option service. The company uses the best technology to counter hackers. For example, the SSL protocol reliably encrypts all data on payment cards, transaction details, etc. Unauthorized people cannot find out this information, as well as the password from your account. Moreover, security officers monitor suspicious activity around the clock and can quickly come to the rescue.

 Service working for you

IQ Option website was created by real professional designers and programmers. You will be surprised at the convenience of the page and usability. Nice graphics do not tire your eyes, an excellent color palette and high-quality fonts help you quickly get the information you need, and a beautiful layout - quickly find the right section or go through registration. Besides, the site has 18 language versions, including Spanish. So this is the most convenient online trading platform in Ecuador (plataforma de trading online en Ecuador).


Another way to protect the user from scammers. It is very unpleasant when you were able to earn a good profit, but the fraudster found out your password and withdrew the money for his deposit. Thanks to the IQ Option service, this situation is excluded. Because the security service verifies each account. An Ecuadorian trader must provide a document with a photo for identification (passport, driver's license, etc.), as well as confirm the details for the payment of money. After verification, profits will only be credited to your bank account.

 Accessible to all

IQ Option works in dozens of countries, including. The service has become very popular due to the low entry threshold. For example, the minimum limit for the first deposit is $10, and the minimum transaction size is $1. Besides, the registration process is free and takes only a few minutes. Therefore, any adult Ecuadorian user can begin the path to success.

 Information useful to you

Another advantage of IQ Option - the company plays with you by the rules. On the site, you can find a notice that trading on CFDs and Forex is a high-risk business, as well as visit the information section. Here, an Ecuadorian user will find useful articles analyzing popular and effective strategies, tips from professional traders, market news, etc. Access to this information will help to better analyze the situation and make the right decision on the conclusion of transactions.

 Safe workout

Some companies allow you to open a demo account only after the first replenishment of the deposit. But IQ Option creates more pleasant conditions for customers. This option is available to all registered users for free. After activation, the Ecuadorian trader will receive 10,000 virtual dollars into the account. Funds can be used for any transactions according to real quotes. This will not bring real profit but will give a wonderful experience. An Ecuadorian trader will be able to understand the features of CFD and Forex trading, try and choose the most effective strategy.

 Convenient account replenishment

After a client from Ecuador has learned about the risks and features of trading, he can make his first deposit. IQ Option company cooperates with the most convenient and reliable payment systems. The user has at their disposal bank cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro), electronic payment system (PayPal, WebMoney, Neteller, Skrill), wallets (Blockchain, Coinbase). Modern programs allow you to quickly process and confirm the transaction so that the funds will be credited to the deposit within 20-30 minutes.

 A large number of assets

The IQ Option company offers the user to earn money on the asset about which he has the most information. The platform provides access to various assets: currencies, cryptocurrencies, CFDs, binary options, the Forex market, shares, like Coca-Cola of well-known companies, raw materials, metals, etc. You just need to conclude, analyze the situation, and make the first bet (the minimum limit is $1).

 The profit you deserve

Of course, CFDs and binary options are a high-risk affair, but only here an Ecuadorian user can legally and quickly make big money. The standard profit on one transaction is 60-70%, and turbo options with a short expiration time offer up to 200-300%. With the right and professional approach, you can earn good capital.

 A large set of settings

IQ Option also offers an excellent set of settings to improve trading efficiency. Due to the flexibility of the site, the Ecuadorian client can add to the site those signals and indicators that he needs. High-quality infographics will allow you to get the necessary data earlier, make the right decision, and close the deal with maximum profit.

 Available around the clock

Standard exchanges that trade offline (Tokyo, New York, London, Moscow) operate according to the schedule. But the IQ Option website is open user around the clock, without breaks and weekends. This approach allows you to trade at any time of the day or night, making trading an exciting hobby, generating additional income, or the main type of earnings.

 Mobile app

Thanks to the IQ Option mobile app, you are no longer attached to your workplace or office. A download link is available on the site, and the program works perfectly with all modern phones and tablets (iOS, Android, Windows). All that is needed is an Internet connection. Moreover, excellent optimization ensures a stable connection even with a weak signal. An Ecuadorian trader can conclude successful trades even at home.

La mejor plataforma para hacer trading
La mejor plataforma para hacer trading

 Paid and Free Tournaments

Interestingly, IQ Option client can make money without even investing in the platform. The company regularly holds free tournaments with a good prize pool. Each registered participant receives 1000 virtual dollars and tries to get the best profit for the specified period. There are also many paid tournaments with inexpensive entry tickets ($4-20), but large prize pools. And most importantly, the Ecuadorian user gets an excellent experience and can compare their strengths with other traders.

 Automated trading

Another important advantage is the ability to automate the process. The IQ Option website allows you to connect a robot with a large set of settings. The program can be downloaded and installed for free. Now it is necessary to set the parameters (determine priority binary options, set the expiration time, specify stop loss, etc.). The algorithm will work 24/7, not knowing fatigue, and closing deals with millisecond accuracy.

 Premium features

IQ Option is always able to offer more customer. The premium account will give a lot of great features. Now the user can insure the transaction, take part in premium tournaments, seek the advice of a personal manager, etc. Moreover, the premium client has priority in the queue for payments and an increased percentage of profit on transactions. With this account, success is getting closer.

 Is IQ Option legal?

Yes, the trader was officially registered on the island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in 2013. Registration number HE 324593. The company has all the necessary licenses and documents, and also operates under local laws. Thanks to the IQ Option, trader can legally make big money.

 How to become a client of IQ Option?

The IQ Option website is open to all users who have reached the age of majority. The registration procedure takes several minutes and consists of several stages.

1. Visit the official website of the company. The user has 18 language versions available, so you can choose the trading platform in Spanish (plataforma de trading en español) language;

2. Press the registration button and enter the necessary information. The site needs to know your first and last name, phone or email number, and password to enter your account. You can also use your Facebook or Google profile to import data;

3. Read the documents “Terms & Conditions” and “Privacy Policy” - there is a lot of useful information about user rights;

4. Accept the rules of IQ Option;

5. Enter the secret code (registration via phone number) or follow the welcome link (registration via e-mail) to complete the procedure.

  How to replenish deposit at IQ Option?

To get a real deal, you need to replenish the IQ Option deposit. To do this, you need to follow a few simple steps.

1.   An Ecuadorian trader must visit the official website and log in to his account;

2.   Press the recharge button, which is located next to the personal data;

3.   Indicate the amount of replenishment (minimum limit of $10) and select the appropriate type of payment system;

4.   Enter personal data (card number, electronic wallet, CVV2 code, etc.);

5.   Confirm the decision (you must enter the secret code that will come to the phone);

6.   Wait until the funds are credited to your deposit.

Plataforma de trading
Plataforma de trading

 How to make the first deal on IQ Option?

Each Ecuadorian trader has the opportunity to earn on one of several dozen assets (currencies, CFDs, Forex, etc.). You must visit the asset menu and select the appropriate option. Now you need to specify the transaction amount (minimum limit $1) and conditions (expiration time, In/Out, Call/Put, Stop-loss, etc.). It is important to conduct a thorough analysis, which will make a more accurate forecast. Each successful transaction can bring up to 200% of the profit. We also recommend training and practice by opening a demo account. Because trading on options is a high-risk business, and such an approach will help to understand the principles of the market and choose the most effective strategy.

 How to Withdrawal Funds from IQ Option?

The client IQ Option has the opportunity at any time to withdraw the profit.

1.   Log in to your account and open the menu;

2.   Select “Withdrawal funds”;

3.   Indicate the amounts for payments and a suitable payment system;

4.   Enter the secret code (will be sent to your phone);

5.   Wait for the funds to be credited to the account (up to 7 business days for bank cards).

It is also worth saying that the payment of funds is available only to verified customers. An Ecuadorian user must provide documents (passport, driver’s license with photo) and confirm payment details. After that, the payment process becomes convenient and quick.

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